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Onda Way

Hard Rock from Inhambane, Mozambique

Jerry Muchanga: Bass & Vocals
Miro: Guitar
Luís Cerqueiro: Keyboards
Roland Pickl Mudungaze: Drums


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Onda Way were formed in Μaputo, the bustling capital of Mozambique in 2014. Since their formation, they have performed as a trio with Jerry Muchanga on bass and Miro on guitar and several drummers including Brazil´s resident Dr. Filipe. Short before the "Dekonstruction" recording sessions in 2017 they were joined by a fourth member on the organ (Luís Cerqueiro) and rearranged their existing reportoire and composed new tunes for the recording process with a new drummer (Roland Pickl Mudungaze).

Their live appearances took place along the way in a variety of venues along Mozambique (including Cine Gil Vicente, Associação dos músicos, and Buraco da Mafalala). Onda Way’s lyrics tackle themes relating to social issues like degradation within Mozambican social life, modern forms of exploitation, abuse of human rights, corruption, and the fight for the improvement of living conditions.

There first album "Dekonstruction" premiered on 28th of September 2018 and since then the band has been writing and recording their follow-up "Wireless". Three singles have been published since: "Black Matapa", "Medication", and "Going to Hell". The full album is expected to be released around May 2021.


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