No Time is the first release of the Association Positivo Moçambique's live band using music as a tool against HIV/AIDS in Africa. They record in schools and bring the theme to the minds of teenagers. Some of the album's lyrics are worked out together with the youths. Breaking barriers that seem to be unbreakable.

released January 1, 2009

Hélio D. - vocals

Roland Mudungaze - guitar

Tony Chabuca - bass

Djibra Mussa - drums

Pierre Dufloo - saxophone


Special Guests:
Ludwig Hendler - guitar
Raymond Walker - percussion
Edi Fenzl - guitar
Chrizzl M. - keyboards
Norma - vocals
Donkey Jockey - djx



Produced and recorded by Studio bom Dia/Guten Tag Verlag Ternitz, Austria, July 2008. Recorded and mixed by Roland Pickl, mastered by Rexhe Qufaj at Hornyphone Studio, Austria.