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Timbila Ta Venâncio


Timbila from Zavala, Mozambique.

Mestre Venâncio, founder of this group, worked for 44 years in South Africa where he had the idea of bringing together several people of the Chope ethnic group who are there to form a group in the Impala mines. When he returned to Mozambique after realizing that none of the people who practiced timbila existed in Zavala, he had the idea of founding a group in 1995 which from the beginning was a combination of several masters from various locations and was called at the time Timbila Ta Venâncio Ta Mpatano. Created and composed by young people and adults, most part of the same family. In this group, almost all players are instrument manufacturers, thus guaranteeing the maintenance and quality of the group. The orchestra has toured extensively in Europe and several other African countries. The Master taught several people in Europe how to play the timbila, in particular Holland, as a way of spreading Chope culture and art.

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