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If you are a single musician, a full band, a producer, a label, a movie maker, an event promoter, an ethno-musicologist, a tourist or simply want to see what´s happening, here is what we can do for you

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Band Studio Recording

Top deal is the studio recording with your complete band. The room, acoustics and equipment are designed to let you record with your band live at the same time. We track your music with the best microphones, long experience and great passion.

Mastering & online Distribution

If you have your mixes ready we can tweak them for maximum quality,ready to be published on an album or a single. We can help you share your music in digital platforms (Spotify, Deezer, I-tunes etc.)

Video location

Our live room is big and beautifully designed. It serves as a great location for video clips.


We can mix the recording that you have already made in another professional studio, in your rehearsal room or home studio. Our mixes count on many years of experience in almost any genre that you can name.

Music for movies

Other specialities of ours are soundtracks for movies, film scores & synchronizing your movie adapting it for different languages

Live shows

You can rent equipment from the studio for your live show. We can set up backline and P.A. for your event and hook you up with the bands in the area. If you need a experienced technician, here we go. 

What Our Clients Say

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Dan Boshoff, Black South Easter

"At Studio Bom Dia the warmth of the analogue desk and the coconut wood in the live room combine with the unique surrounds of Inhambane to form the perfect destination for escaping the rat race and creating magic" 

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