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The trio, born in Vienna in 1997, consisting of Roland Pickl Mudungaze (git / voc), Kurt "Dogfather" Toncar (bass / voc) and Bernd "BBKong" Bogensberger (Stix & Stones / voc), has joined forces 24 years after their debut work "Unreal" and found itself on the other side of the world in Inhambane, Mozambique to finish it´s long-awaited second album. "Antagônica", an album about contradictions in approaches & perception, holding on and letting go:

Awesome! Everything from classic rock to psychedelic/ hippie/ 70ties, supergroup sound and a bit of stoner rock and punk. Nowadays you call it a jam band. Reminiscent of long-term stays in desolate backstage areas and basement studios. It smells like rock'n roll. . Get into it!


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Press Kit English
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Press Kit Portuguese
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Press Kit German
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Press photo, Vienna, Dobrotec Studio, 1997


"Diozzy" from the album "Antagônica", Video Clip by Falko Purner


Press photo, Vienna, Dobrotec Studio, 1997


"Babalazza Dingi" live @ Studio Bom Dia, March 2020


most band and all nature photographs by GVHORST 


"Alive & Alone" - live at The Loft 1998