A great part of the studio recording equipment consists of high quality analog elements mixed with state of the art digital processing.

The heart of the studio is a classic Axmann 52-track desk with a Orion 32 Antilope audio interface linked to Cubase 8 recording software.

2 Klein & Hummel O96 speakers serve as studio monitors.


With a sum of 120 square meters of recording and mastering space including live room and voice booths, the splayed floor plan of the studio is especially designed for your acoustic needs while offering enough room for a focused and comfortable working environment.



Natural fibers and high quality hard coconut wood, sourced locally, is the main material used in the diffusion and absorption process, giving the studio a truly unique and naturally warm sound.


Also the floor is designed using the same grade A coconut wood taken from the extremely hard outside layer of the tree. This environment of natural aesthetics and sound is set off with local batiks and sculptures.



"Our passion is to work with good microphones in our great sounding room, tracking down your inspiration."


Whether it is to tag along with you on your adventures capturing your cultural experiences or for live shows and recording documentation purposes, our excellent local film and editing crew can be reserved. --> FotoFilm, Lda. 


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What we offer: 


Live studio recording

Voice over instrumental


Radio Programs


Movie sound

Sound Design

Live sound

Live venue recording

Video Production



Axmann 52-track mixer 

Soundcraft Delta 8 mixer

Mackie Mesa 1608 VLZ3



Orion 32 Antilope audio interface

NI Komplete Audio 6 audio interface

MiniMAC 2,5GHz i5

Cubase 8

NI Maschine Software

NI Maschine Hardware



Klein & Hummel O96



AKG C414

Audio Technica AT4040

Crown PCC160

Neumann KM184

AKG D122

AKG C1000

AKG C3000

RODE direcional

AKG D222

AKG D820

tbone SC100II

Shure PGA58

Shure PG58

LD System D1001


Outboard Effects

Klark Technik DN332 Equalizer

Aphex CX-1 compressors

Rane MPE28 Equalizers

Korg A3 processor

KLARK Technik DN780 Reverberator

Gas Cooker Tube DI

DBX MiniComp

Alesis QuadraVerb

Yamaha REV7 Reberberator

Symmetrix 628 voice processor


Guitar/Bass Amps

Fender Acustica Sonic Junior guitar amp

HARTKE Bass 350 W Model 3500 bass amp

Hartke HS115BT and HS410BT bassamp speakers

Mark Bass SD800 bass amp

Fender Deville 180W guitar amp




Korg Polysix M

Roland Juno Di

Hohner Accordeon

Korg SP100 E- Piano

Zimmermann acustic upright Piano

Crafter semi-acustic guitar

Ibanez 5-string bass

Lake Placid custom e-guitar

Gretsch Electromatic guitar

Godin multiac steel

Ludwig drumset

DPD drumset

Fender Stratocaster

Dunlop WahWah CryBaby


Ibanez Time machine

Yamaha SU700 Sampler

Ludwig Drumset



AKG Q701



Headphone Amp HD400

Proel HPAMP104 headphone amp

SM Pro Audio HP6E Headphone Amp


Additional Recorders

ZOOM H4 stereo recorder

Alesis HD24 hard disc recorder


P.A. Speakers

Hybrid LB15

Hybrid LB18

Hybrid PLB215


Wharfdale EVP-X215


Stage Monitors

Proel EX12MA stage monitor

Hybrid PB15/A stage monitor


P.A. Amps

Hybrid B-1600

Studer A68

Phonic Max1500

Samson SX2400

 Behringer EP4000