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Studio Bom Dia, a unique music studio situated in Inhambane province, Mozambique, has
recorded more than 30 albums, with over 100 Mozambican singers and instrumentalists, as
well as with musicians from over 20 different countries worldwide. It is founded by Roland
Pickl, also a co-founder of Positivo Mozambique; an organization that spreads HIV
awareness amongst youth through Music. Since 2007 more than a thousand youths and
students have recorded original songs in HIV education and mentorship workshops.
It is the only music studio in the province, and only one of 3 in the country equipped for
professional live band recordings.

Only by stepping foot in the studio does one understand the uniqueness of the space which
serves not only as a studio but the beating heart and soul of the music community in the
region. The doors are always open to local bands, traditional percussion and music groups,
dancers, students and many more. Providing sound equipment for the town events, music
festivals, school plays and local concerts, were just some of the ways that Studio Bom Dia
contributed to Inhambane’s grassroots artistic culture and beyond.

On the afternoon of June 14th , an electrical fire consumed the studio and has destroyed
hundreds of instruments, musical and recording equipment, literature and heartbreakingly 20
years of recordings. The warm coconut parquet flooring, the colourful capulana walls, the
eclectic art and woodwork; the studio space that hosted hundreds of musicians through
thousands of hours of performance, rehearsing and jamming, have been reduced to black
cinders. The concrete shell of the building suffered big cracks from the fire. A mammoth
rebuilding effort is necessary to restore it to what it once was before.

Studio Bom Dia is fiercely loved by all and has the full support of anyone who is touched by
music in Inhambane. Together with Roland and his family the surrounding community will
rebuild the studio to be even better than before, so that projects can be completed, albums
can be finished, and musicians can continue to record and play once again.


Areas to be financed to resume functionality:
- Re-construction of the studio building
- Interior sound design
- Musical instruments
- Studio recording equipment
- Live concert equipment
- Importation duties
- Transport


We are humbly asking for financial support for reconstruction and purchasing, as well as
donations of musical instruments and equipment. Please donate through this GOFUNDME
campaign, or contact Roland directly by email ( should you like to
donate an amount directly within Mozambique, or have any musical donations at hand.
Thank you

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