STUDIO BOM DIA is situated in the historical and picturesque town of Inhambane, arguably Mozambique´s premiere cultural mixing pot, with virgin palm lined beaches stretching along the coast. Imagine yourself finally off the beaten track at African roots level where creativity is always bubbling under the surface. 

The studio's location, mood and philosophy is designed to channel these creative juices and get them flowing in the mix.

In a secure and quiet rural village community on the outskirts of Inhambane town the local characters and recipes abound. Located within an exotic subtropical eco-climate boasting huge African skies and amazing sunsets, the studio is surrounded by coconut, cashew, mango, lemon and avocado trees.


It´s a place where crossing between the colorful mosaic of African environments and lifestyles is an amazing experience. You might feel like you are miles away from anywhere, however, if you arrive at Inhambane´s internationally connected airport, we can have you in a comfortable chair in the studio within 20 minutes.


You can also rehearse or record on our stage outside. Attached to the studio it gives you a fantastic live feeling in an open air environment and right under the milky way.




"At Studio Bom Dia the warmth of the analogue desk and the coconut wood in the live room combine with the unique surrounds of Inhambane to form the perfect destination for escaping the rat race and creating magic" (Dan Boshoff - Black South Easter, Cape Town)


"We didn't just go to Studio Bom Dia to record an album, we went there to live the most beautiful life so that our music could flow freely without feeling anything like work. Warm, wooden, analog and led by a world-class musical engineer, Bom Dia is the ideal recording space for the musician or ensemble that values truth over bling, culture over product, organics over mechanics.


Home-cooked meals on the fire to nourish the body, surfing in the Indian Ocean at the gorgeous bohemian village of Tofo, interconnections with a family of artists from all over the world...all of this allows for deeper connections into the local culture of Inhambane. It's a very special environment for the musical family to feel at home, produce great work, and enjoy life in the pure and simple Mozambican way." (Joel Karabo Elliott - Roots Grown Deep)




We understand that when you come to Mozambique as a musical producer or as an artist you want to work with local talents through the studio´s delicately cultivated network of local artists.


You can rehearse and record your songs with Mozambican musicians, integrate masters of traditional instruments and sounds, or participate in local workshops to pick up a few techniques yourself.

You will find an unbelievable variety of talented singers, dancers and musicians.